Listed below are the judges on our 7-member judging panel. In keeping with NACBMA and WBMA rules, we are scoring Olympic-style meaning that each competitor is judged on a 5.0 to 10.0 half-point increment scale, where the highest and lowest scores are dropped. Each judge was chosen for his or her experience as a competitor and judge at previous events. 



Announcing our first judge! If you've been to a beard competition anywhere, you've probably crossed paths with this gentleman. You'll hear him from a mile's FKN Guido!


I have competed in well over a hundred competitions. competitions and set at the Judges table numerous times.. have placed in well over 60 beard and mustache competitions. I am a member an the ambassador to the north and official member of the Austin Facial Hair Club . CEO of Mountain Man Oils and support many competitions by either being the event sponsor and/or donating products and money.

Being such a big supporter of the beard community, I have been presented with numerous awards and honors, such as "Big Joe Johnson award 2018" “Beardsman of the Year 2015 ”, “Most dedicated Beardsman” and “Beardsman Appreciation”, 2019 sponsor of the year.