Listed below are the judges on our 7-member judging panel. In keeping with NACBMA and WBMA rules, we are scoring Olympic-style meaning that each competitor is judged on a 5.0 to 10.0 half-point increment scale, where the highest and lowest scores are dropped. Each judge was chosen for his or her experience as a competitor and judge at previous events. 



We are super excited to announce our second judge!

Coming in at 5'1, born and raised in Portland Oregon. She's short. She's sassy. She's obsessed with all things facial hair. Ravin Moore! She's been in bearding since 2015, and in her spare time she enjoys long vespa rides and finding all the best places to eat. She loves a good dance party. Even if it's a party of 1. (Cue Lizzo music).

5 fun things list about Ravin:

  1. Favorite walk out song while bearding: The Carlton

  2. Best thing I’ve ever eaten: Anything with a bone

  3. Favorite t-shirt saying: Girls Gotta Eat

  4. Best body part to show off in public: side boob

  5. Dream job: slanging raffle tickets at beard comps for charity



We are so excited to announce our first judge!

Hello and thanks so much for having me back. I'm Vorhauer, Vice President of the Infamous Moustache and Beard Social Club of Sacramento. This is my 4th go round at the judging table at Snowbird and I am honored to the extreme to be a part of this exciting chapter for the Salty Saints and the bearding world. This is the best venue in bearding and is being hosted by some of the the closest friends in a huge compliment of darling souls I've met in the last 11 years. I've been actively competing, organizing, and generally being around the bearding world since October of 2011 and have seen many clubs come into being as our world expands. As a competitor, I have competed against, been defeated by, and even defeated a few of the biggest names in our hobby. I have an extensive knowledge of styling and the various techniques we use to look our best. Feel free to share your process at the judging table. In addition, I very much believe in selecting winners that "fit the category". The burliest and biggest may not always be what I'm looking for. If you want to soften my heart, a cold wheat beer never goes awry. Whilst not bearding, I spend my time pirating, playing Dungeons and Dragons, drinking, and being with my family.

Cheers y'all and see you on the Mountain.