Best In Show

Best in Show - Josh Black

Portraits by Joe Gladski / on stage photos by Keith Stansell




1st Place - Katie Quinn

2nd Place - Emily Eufinger

3rd Place - Holly Hurrelmeyer



1st Place - Crystal Davis

2nd Place - Denise Hevner

3rd Place - Amanda Edens


Natural Moustache


1st Place - John Cordes

2nd Place - Brett Wisniewski

3rd Place - Greg Rittner

Dali Moustache


1st Place - Nathan Weinstein

English Moustache

1st Place - Jackie lynn Ellison

Hungarian / Wild West Moustache

1st Place - Bill Petersen

2nd Place - Chad Holgerson

3rd Place - Bruce Roe

Imperial Moustache

1st Place - Keith "gandhi jones" Haubrich

2nd Place - Kurtis "the stache" Lawrence

3rd Place - Eric Choat

Freestyle Moustache

1st Place - Daniel Lawlor

2nd Place - Talon Bowyer

3rd Place - Mustache Mike

Partial Beards

Natural Goatee

1st Place - Christopher Brown

2nd Place - Patrick Dawson

3rd Place - Omar Shifrin

Sideburns / Mutton Chops

1st Place - Patrick Quinn

2nd Place - Nate Johnson

3rd Place - Steve Casper

Alaskan Whaler / Donegal

1st Place - Marc Mcshane

2nd Place - Rob Mevec

3rd Place - Eric Walsh

Imperial Partial Beard

1st Place - Michael Johnson

2nd Place - Anthony Fontes

Horseshoe Partial Beard

1st Place - Patrick Langley

2nd Place - Sean Raiger

3rd Place - Jake Parrish

Triple Point (“Musketeer”)

1st Place - Al Underwood

2nd Place - Popeye Sailer

3rd Place - Guy Fawkes (actual)


Freestyle Partial Beard

1st Place - James Mcmahon

2nd Place - Charles Abadam

3rd Place - Jeff Carta

Full Beards


1st Place - Matt Menhennett

2nd Place - Taylor W

3rd Place - Jono Ries


1st Place - Andrew Kloss

2nd Place - Owen Hicks

3rd Place - Christopher Puckett

Natural Full Beard, Under 12"

1st Place - Jordan Kobold

2nd Place - Kevin Becker

3rd Place - Nick Bacon

Natural Full Beard, 12" and Over

1st Place - Josh Black

2nd Place - Andrew Shuler

3rd Place - Andrew Bruso

Natural Full Beard with Styled Moustache

1st Place - Daniel Cunningham

2nd Place - John Tullis

3rd Place - Lucas Cooper

Freestyle Beard

1st Place - Jason Kiley

2nd Place - Johnathan Wakefield

3rd Place - Matthew Mcgregor