Welcome to Denver!  

The host clubs welcome you to our beautiful state and exciting city.


 We hope you find Denver a fun and easy city to get around.  Below are some tips to help you find your way around and make the most of your championship weekend in the Mile High City.

Denver's Climate

Denver is known for its sunny days, and late September is a wonderful time to visit.  During the championship, you can expect warm days with an average high of 74 degrees.  Expect comfortable cooler nights, getting down to 44 degrees for the low.  


The air in Denver is dry, so generally light layers will be all you'll need to stay comfortable.  Also remember your sunscreen; at 5280 feet altitude, you'll burn faster than at lower altitudes.  

For those planning to visit the mountains, bring along a light jacket or hoodie, as it will be somewhat cooler in the mountains than in the city.

Finally, be sure to drink lots of water to stay well hydrated while here.

Also, if you prefer to drink some of our awesome craft beers or other spirits, you might feel the effects more the first day or so than at lower altitudes.  So pace yourself and hydrate hydrate hydrate!

Airport and Ground Transportation

Photograph provided courtesy of Denver International Airport

Flying to Denver?  Looking to make your way downtown without having to hitchhike?  No worries, we have you covered.

Click here to learn about your airport ground transportation options from taxis, ride share, commuter rail or rental cars.



Photograph provided courtesy of Denver International Airport

Like any big city, there are a lot of options when it comes to places to stay.  We've set up some deals with a couple of downtown hotels for the competition. Check our Lodging page for more information.


Eat, Drink & Be Merry

Photograph provided courtesy of Denver International Airport

From Elway's to Casa Bonita, Denver has a wide range of places to eat and an even wider range of places to drink craft beer.  Click here to find what you're hungry or thirsty for.

Looking for something a little different?  Colorado was one of the first states in the country to allow the recreational sale and use of marijuana.  Click here for more info.

This is a growing guide.  Check back as the championship approaches for more useful information to plan your trip.