We would like to Welcome to the mic, MCs for the main event, Dick and Rizz!

Dick and Rizz met in 2013 at the "Great Ozarkan Beard Off" (GOBO) competition in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The following year the two of them took a road trip to Denver area for a competition, and from their interactions, hijinks, and shenanigans, The Dick and Rizz Show was born.


Troy "Dick" Hawley has been a proud member of the facial hair community since 2013 when he showed up at CASI 7 after binge watching "Whisker Wars". He didn't go to Austin w/ the intention to compete, was talked into it & walked away w/ 2nd in the Donegal category...we haven't been able to get rid of him since! From that day in February, In the 3 years Dick has been involved, he's traveled coast to coast to almost 30 events where he either competed, judged (he has 2 coveted FHL pins), or emceed...he was also fortunate enough to be a sponsored competitor in Austria at the 2015 World Beard and Moustache Championship. He has brought home 24 trophies and prizes, including his most cherished the "Big Joe Showmanship" award. 
Dick is a founding member and president of the 2 year old club the Northwest Arkansas Society of Bearded or Mustachioed Gentleman (NWA SOBOMG), a group which has raised over $15k for local charities since its inception in 2014. 
Dick has either been on a stage performing, emceeing or on a mic for over 30 years & considers it a high point in his life being a relatively unknown bearding personality!

Troy "Dick" Hawley 
Jrod Rizz

Jrod Rizz
AKA Jared Pendergraft
AKA Mr WizardSleeve 
AKA The Iron Lung
AKA The Mouth of the South
The man with many names
The legend in his own mind
No matter what you remember him as, after you meet him, you know he has a phenomenal growth on his chin. The closest thing you could compare his beard to, is a picked out afro. An explosion of fur from every direction and his mouth is there somewhere... you know because, you can't help but hear his loud voice and bellowing laugh.
Jrod has been into the world of competitive facial hair since 2012 and has been a force to be reckoned with since he started. He's the President and founder of the Tulsa Beard & Mustache Club as well as the infamous Tulsa Inner Thigh Ticklers Society.