Getting Around

Downtown Denver is an easy city to get around on foot as well as other modes of transportation.  The backbone of the city is the 16th Street Mall that runs from Union Station in LoDo (Lower Downtown) to the Civic Center area next to the Colorado State Capital.

Below are tips for finding your way around downtown.  For finding your way from the airport, click here.

Planning - by Keith Stansell

MallRide  by Keith Stansell

RTD Free MallRide
A unique featue of downtown Denver is the 16th Street Mall and the Free MallRide.

Designed by famed architect I.M. Pei, the pedestrian promenade is made of red, white and gray granite in a repeating pattern that, seen from above, resembles the skin of a diamondback rattlesnake.


Free shuttle buses, dubbed the MallRide, travel up and down the 16th Street Mall, stopping on every corner. Hop on and hop off as the shuttles come and go every few minutes and make everything downtown easy to reach.

Like any city, taxis are redily available downtown.  You can usually find one near downtown hotel entrences, or by calling:

Denver Yellow Cab - (303) 777-7777 | website

Freedom Cabs Inc. - (303) 444-4444 | website

Green Taxi Coorperative - (303) 806-8888 | email | website

Union Taxi Cooperative - (303) 922-2222 | website

Metro Taxi / Taxi Fiesta - (303) 333-3333 | website

Mile High Cab - (303) 337-2222 | email

Ride Share
A quick cheap and easy way to get aroudn downtown is by using a ridesharing app on your phone such as Lyft and Uber. 

Learn more and download the apps at or

Typical fare around downtown is the minimum $6 to $7.  Check the app for longer distance fares.

Pedicab by Keith Stansell

Around downtown mostly at night on the 16th Street Mall you'll find pedicab drivers.    These are three wheeled bikes with carts that generally will hold two people.  Typical fare is $2 per block and the drivers work hard for tips.  

Mile High Pedicabs - (303) 733-4222 | website

Three Kings Pedicab - (7200 444-2777 | website

Trains by Keith Stansell

RTD Light Rail and Buses
For venturing away from downtown, RTD (Regional Transportation District) operates city busses and light rail and commuter rail lines to various areas around the city.  Local bus/train fare is $2.60.


Visit the RTD web site for more information about routes and schedules.

Click here for information on the A line to the airport.

Lot by Keith Stansell


 The Summit Music Hall offers discounted parking in the Guaranty Bank Building and Alamo Plaza Garages at 18th and Market. 

Parking is only $5 on weekends - just ask a Summit bartender for a parking coupon.  Metered street parking is also available in the area. 

There are several lots and street parking near Stoney's Bar and Grill.  Meters are free in that area after 6:00 PM


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot has free street parking in the neighborhood.