Eat Drink and be Merry

What are you hungry for?  Steak, sushi or vegan?  Denver has it all.  You can eat in a bank vault, a  former mortuary, Eric Cartman's favorite place, or a restaurant in its  2nd century established by one of Buffalo Bill's scouts.

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Thirsty?  How about some craft beer?   Nicknamed the Napa Valley of craft beer, Denver is home to many breweries and new breweries seem to be opening up daily. 

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You might be interested in a growing local industry.  Denver has more recreational pot shops than Starbucks.  


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Tip:  Use caution with MJ edibles.  A little can go a long way and may take some time to feel the effect.  We'd hate for you to come to Denver only to sleep away the day through the championship. 


Use the handy map below to find the event locations, places to eat, drink, and things to do.

Photograph provided courtesy of Denver International Airport